About the Kitchener Musical Society Band

Kitchener Musical Society Band Bass DrumHistory documents the sporadic emergence of local bands in the village and town of Berlin (Kitchener's name until 1918) even before 1876. But it was that year which saw the beginning of a colourful era of continuous band-music presence that thrives to this day in our busy city. Today, some four-dozen dedicated woodwind, reed, brass and percussion players — men and women, teens through seniors — make up the current Kitchener Musical Society Band. We've come a long way from turn-of-the-century military marches; now we do everything from Bach to Bernstein, from classical symphonies to hot jazz and latin beat, from Hymns to Hoagy Carmichael, from ragtime to rock-and-roll.



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For booking requests, please email our concert coordinators: Matt Minielly and Jeanette Bible


 Kitchener Musical Society Band, Christmas 2010